Red Oak Missionary Baptist Church
 Reflections and Memories


In the 1870's, the Red Oak Baptist Church was founded by a small group of faithful and devoted Christians who loved praising and worshiping God. The original church named RED OAK GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH was located southeast of Eastman Road on land donated by the late Sally Rollins Family. Reverend Rube Wright served as first spiritual leader of this membership.

Through many trials and tribulations, the church family grew spiritually, numerically and financially. In 1926, the need arose for a larger facility and land was purchased from the Jacobs-Rollins Estate.

Since the initial founding to this present date, fifteen,(15) spirit filled committed Pastors,by the Grace of God, have exemplified perseverance, determination and encouraged a stronger commitment to Christ to serve with understanding and humbleness.

In 1984, the present church was completed and in 1996 the land surrounding the facility was purchased from the Mills Estate to enhance the grounds and provide needed parking space.  Many souls have been welcomed to Christ by christian experience, baptism and watch care.


To ensure the continued growth of our church the Sacrificial Giving Plan (SGP) was formulated in September, 2000 so that we may continue to meet challenges and responsibilities of an ever-changing world.

Results of the plan became a reality in August 2001 when ground breaking was held to add an Educational Wing and a Family Life Center.

"The God of Israel has blessed us indeed and enlarged our territory" and we thank HIM for HIS omnipresence, compassion and mighty works.

New Additions
On July 8, 2001, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for an 11, 300 square foot 
Family Life Center, and a 6, 900 square-foot Educational Wing was annexed to the main 
structure of the church. The FLC houses a state-of-the-art-gymnasium with weight 
and aerobics rooms, basketball courts, kitchenette, youth director's office and other amenities.

The Educational Wing provides ten additional classrooms.

Construction on the new annex and the FLC was completed in July 2002.


Expanded Church
Family Life Center Floorplan